Friday, January 1, 2016

Let's Talk About The Young Dreamers In Our Lives... And Share How To Inspire Them!

Imagine a world where every adult in the world was  encouraging and inspiring children, teenagers and young adults to trust that he/she can follow his/her dream. And also actively be nurturing and supporting all possibilities he or she will make their greatest contribution and fulfill their destiny!

So...Ask yourself:
Do I want to raise a dreamer?

If you would like to share with me, have any questions or need a tip, about teaching and encouraging the child/children/young adults in your life to learn and practice the habit of talking about their wishes, hopes and dreams! You can write to me directly at  (I will personally reply, right away!)

Thursday, December 31, 2015

I Believe...

I Believe... Every child comes into the world with a dream to live and the natural gifts and potential abilities to bring that dream to reality. Individuals' happiness in life comes from making their contribution to the world by realizing their unique dreams. Our responsibility is to invite the child's dream to come forth to nurture the child’s pursuit of it--and to avoid allowing preconceptions to undermine our children’s belief in themselves and their dreams. Our responsibility to ourselves is to nurture our own dream--so we don't live vicariously trying to impose frustrated dreams on our children. Read more of what I believe by reading the first two comments.